IBM Hopes to Diagnose Alzheimer’s disease through Machine Learning
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IBM Hopes to Diagnose Alzheimer’s disease through Machine Learning

Alzheimer’s happens to be a terminal neurodegenerative disease. Historically, it has always got diagnosed on the basis of observing quite significant loss of memory among patients. Now, this is set to get changed. IBM has made the claim that they have developed a machine learning model. It can help clinics to predict how severe the Alzheimer’s disease is and also go on to slow down its progress. The Australian arm of this company, which is IBM Research – Australia had undertaken a research and went on to publish their findings in journal Scientific Reports.

This particular research might well be a breakthrough amongst the clinical trials, which have got conducted since the year 2002 for finding a cure or to modify a therapy for this illness. It is thought that the reason behind high rate of failure in these trials might well be due to the fact that people get inducted, when they are already in the latest stages of their disease. The stage is such, when people have most probably, already suffered a particular level of loss in the brain tissue that cannot get repaired easily. IBM believes that their theory of machine learning can even help researchers find out samples even with very mild cognitive impairment, hence achieve much better results.

IBM has even claimed that in the midst of a number of proposed blood tests for Alzheimer’s disease that are developed, this is the first study of its kind, which makes use of a machine learning approach. The main mission at IBM Research is to use Artificial Intelligence as well as technology to create an understanding as to how the clinicians can be helped to detect and finally prevent these diseases from getting spread in the early stages in a much better manner.

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