Italy Puts Ban on School Children Who Are Unvaccinated
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Italy Puts Ban on School Children Who Are Unvaccinated

Children from Italy have asked to not turn up at school till they provide the proof that they are vaccinated properly. The deadline comes up after a number of months of national debate to make vaccination compulsory. If parents send their children to school without vaccination, they risk themselves towards getting fined up to an amount of 500 euro. Those children, who are aged under 6 year can get turned away. The implementation of this new law had come in the middle of a rise in cases related to measles. On this, the Italian officials have said that the rates of vaccination have shown improvement since it was first brought up.

The new law that Italy has brought up is known as Lorenzin law. This was named after the name of the former health minister who had introduced it. The law clearly states that children should receive a number of mandatory immunizations before they attend school. The immunizations include vaccinations for diseases like measles, mumps, chickenpox, polio, and rubella. All those children, who are aged up to 6 years would remain excluded from the nursery as well as kindergarten without having any proof of vaccination under the new set of rules and regulations. Children who belong to the age group between 6 and 16 years cannot get banned from doing classes in school but their parents would be fined if they fail to complete the required course of immunizations.

This new law was basically passed in order to increase the rates of the downward trend of vaccination in Italy from less than 80% to the target set by the World Health Organization of 95%. The movement with regard to anti-vaccination has been growing at a global level in recent years, which has sparked off the alarm from the World Health Organization.

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