Solar Storm on Earth Can Result In the Internet Getting Turned Off
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Solar Storm on Earth Can Result In the Internet Getting Turned Off

A new study has come up with a new revelation. Scientists have announced that around 2700 years ago, quite a powerful solar storm had gone past Earth in n unusual manner. The solar storm did not have much of an impact on people during that time, which was the period before industries and technology had come into effect. Now, an event like that in the current times would result in widespread power cuts along with possible devastating communication as well as navigation failures.

Scientists even managed to study the ancient ice in Greenland to unravel clues related to solar storms. The researchers, while taking a look at an ice core, which went way back as far as 100,000 years, found out radioactive isotopes that managed to indicate of an extremely powerful solar storm 2700 years back. Solar storms are made of particles containing high energy, which get unleashed from the sun through explosions on the surface of the star. These kinds of storms are basically the part of what is regarded as space weather, during which the energy that gets emitted from the sun interacts with the atmosphere of the Earth and geomagnetic field.

Scientists have said that this is the third discovery, which has come through related to a massive solar storm in times of history. This clearly indicates that though these storms are quite rare they still happen to be quite naturally the recurring effect of solar activity. Lead author of the study, Raimund Muscheler said that this is the reason why they should all increase the protection of this society against these solar storms. He further said, their research clearly suggests that the risks related to these storms have been underestimated and hence need to be better prepared.

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